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What Do These Services Mean?


When talking to professionals in this field, like any other, there are a number of terms used regularly that may be confusing to families. Here is a description of some of our services more in detail. If you have any additional questions about these services please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Companionship/Respite Care:

At times we need a break from taking care of a loved one. Though they may not have a particular care need, it is nice to have someone there for piece of mind and in case of emergencies. Companionship services are provided to families that need services intermittently as they tend to their own personal responsibilities.

Personal Care:

Personal care is provided to individuals who are seeking assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming. There comes a point in our lives when these simple tasks can become very overwhelming. Trained professionals who are experienced in providing personal care services offer safety and well-being to families by assisting with these activities of daily living (ADL's).

Medication reminders:

Medications can be an area of great concern. Especially if they are not being taken as prescribed. Auspice offers medication reminders to families to ensure their loved one is taking their medications as directed by their physician.

Transfer Assistance:

Transferring is assisting an individual from one location to another. (from bed to wheelchair or wheel chair to shower chair etc.) Transfers are one of the main areas family injures themselves when providing care. Auspice can provide transfer assistance in many ways. Auspice caregivers are trained to work with assisted devices to aid with transfers. (Hoyer lifts, slide boards, transfer belts, etc)

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are one of the largest growing populations receiving care in the home. Auspice has caregivers certified in Alzheimer’s and Dementia training that encompasses all areas of the disease. Caregivers are trained on how to provide personal care for this population and how to deal with the difficult behaviors sometimes associated with this disease.

Hospice (end of life care):

There comes a time when we as families have to make very difficult decisions. One of the hardest is when to determine there is that end of life care is the best option. During this time it is best that family keeps the role of family and allow caregivers to provide the care. Auspice provides caregivers trained in Hospice care and end of life issues. Auspice will work with the Hospice agency to ensure the client has optimal quality of life during this time.

Healthy Meal Preparation:

Auspice can provide healthy meal preparation to clients. Auspice can adhere to specific diet orders and ensure clients are getting a healthy well rounded meal.


Auspice can assist families with transportation to doctor’s appointments, shopping, errands, or just to get out of the house for a drive. Auspice caregivers are screened to ensure they have a valid CADL, insurance, and a clean driving record.


We all need someone to come in to brighten our day. Auspice can provide caregivers to come out and provide activities for families. Caregivers can provide arts and crafts, reading, conversing, going out for shopping, preparing meals with the client, and much more.


After a stay in rehab or the hospital there is a need for exercises and range of motion to maintain strength and mobility. Auspice provides caregivers trained on exercises and Range of Motion exercises. Auspice will work with the Skilled Home Health Agency or physician to ensure the proper exercises are being done.

Incontinence Care:

Incontinence is when an individual loses the ability to control their bowel or bladder movements. When incontinence occurs it is important that it is treated quickly. Incontinence care can come in many forms: Catheter Care, Colostomy Care, Adult Diapers, urinals, etc. Individuals who use catheters or wear adult diapers are prone to urinary infections and possible skin breakdown. If the incontinence is not treated properly it can lead up to hospitalization. Auspice caregivers are trained to provide incontinence care and recognize any potential concerns.


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