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Frequently Asked Questions


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Does Auspice come to my home?

Yes. Auspice will provide Caregivers as often as needed, between moderate or total assistance, to help seniors stay safe and remain at home. There are NO hourly minimums. We want seniors to maintain their current level of functionality and abilities so they can stay in their most comfortable environment. Caregivers will assist in areas like medication reminders, daily personal care, light housekeeping and transportation to appointments, which are just a few examples.

Will a Caregiver still come to my home even if I am living with my family?

Yes. Auspice will gladly provide respite services for families needing a break. Family members will have peace of mind knowing there is someone caring for their loved one in their absence. Respite visits can be intermittent and reflect a schedule that works best for the family.

Can I still qualify for services from Auspice if I live in an Independent Living/Active Senior Community?

Yes. Auspice will provide a Caregiver to individuals who live in communities that have social areas, housekeeping and social meals. For seniors living in this home environment, Caregivers can support by providing assistance in daily living (ADL’s), medication reminders, light housekeeping, transportation, exercises, ensure a safe atmosphere and so much more.

Can I still qualify for services from Auspice if I live in an Assisted Living Facility?

Yes. Assisted living can become more expensive for families if their loved one has increased care needs. To minimize costs, In- Home Care is used to provide intermittent visits for safety, as well as provide personal needed care. Some examples of the support Auspice Caregivers can provide are; blood sugar checks, medication reminders, personal care, transportation, incontinence care, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care.

Can Auspice help if I am in a Skilled Nursing Facility or Short Term Rehab? (Individuals would be placed here after a hospital stay or serious health change requiring Skilled Nursing.)

Yes. When individuals are discharged to go home, they will need assistance transitioning back into their home environments. Skilled Home Health will typically work in conjunction with In-Home Care assistance, such as Auspice, for a safe recovery. Medicare usually pays for Skilled Home Health and routine services will not continue once the individual has met the requirements of the doctor. Auspice can provide one on one care to help build strength and independence of the recovering individual, as well as continue the Care Plan established once the Skilled Home Health nurse is no longer caring for the individual in the home.

Can Auspice provide services related to Hospice (End Of Life Care?)

Yes. Once an individual is diagnosed with being terminal and there is nothing more medically to be done, Hospice agencies can provide a strong support system for families who are grieving through this process. Auspice will work in conjunction with the Hospice agency to ensure the right plan of care is in place. Auspice Caregivers, trained in End Of Life Care, will provide: in- bed care, repositioning, feeding, incontinence care, medication assistance, and other areas associated with end of life care.

Does Auspice have qualified Caregivers to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

Yes. Depending on the environment of the individual, Auspice can send trained Caregivers, who understand the behaviors associated with this disease, to provide personal care. Caregivers will provide activities and cognitive stimulation to help decrease any further memory loss. Caregivers can also offer support services for family who are struggling with this transitional period in their lives.

How can I pay for services provided by Auspice?

Auspice will accept a wide variety of payments, which include most insurances, Long Term Care insurance, private pay, and Workers Compensation.


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